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Maternity leggings over bump - lonzi&bean

Are Maternity Leggings worth it?

If you’re looking to buy maternity leggings but aren’t sure if they’re worth it? The answer is yes, yes and yes again! If you only buy one item for your maternity wardrobe during your pregnancy, leggings should be it. They are the comfiest thing you’ll wear.

Over-belly maternity leggings or high waist elastic?

Whether you buy our Lonzi&Bean Maternity leggings or another brand, we strongly recommend going for a pair that can be worn over-the-bump or under-the- bump. That means that you’ll get wear out of the leggings from the early stages of your pregnancy right through to after baby is born.

- Leggings with an elastic at the top of the band can only be worn when you’re pregnant and generally aren’t ideal for the earlier stages of pregnancy and then when you get too big, they tend to dig in to the top of your belly.
- Over-under belly leggings can however be folded over when your bump is still small and can be pulled over your belly later on or worn under the belly if you feel like you need extra support when your tummy starts to feel heavy.
- Once baby is born you can’t fold them over again and wear them as normal leggings. They are also particularly good for C-Section recovery as they are gentle on your scar whilst providing support for your postpartum tummy.

What kind of fabric should your over-belly maternity leggings be made from?

- Choose a pair of leggings that are made from a good quality stretchy yet supportive Cotton Lycra fabric so they will last you through all these stages.
- The fabric should not be see-through around the bum area, if it is it either means that the fabric is too thin or the leggings are too small.
- Wearing leggings that are  too small will also decrease their lifespan as the stitching will be under tension and is more likely to cause little holes. 

if you’re still unsure whether Maternity Leggings are worth it, try on a pair of our Lonzi&Bean ComfiMum maternity leggings and we guarantee that  you’ll put the pants you’re wearing in the shopping bag and will walk out wearing ours and won’t want to take them off again. And remember, leggings are pants;-)

About Lonzi&Bean

After two best friends Ilona (Lonzi) and Claire (Bean) realised that they could not find affordable, quality maternity clothing, they decided to crelate the brand Lonzi & Bean. Lonzi & Bean supplies maternity and breastfeeding clothes that are flattering, as well as comfortable and  will not cling to your boft. Garments are locally manufactured in South Africa. Visit for more info.


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