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The Baby Advice Blog

The Baby Advice Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve had to sleep when my baby is sleeping. He’s twelve now so there’s no midnight wake ups, no poopy nappies and vomit on all my favourite clothes. There was a time though, when I thought those things would never end. The advice I got was never ending too. I’m sure you’ve heard it all too.

Still, nothing prepared me for being a mom, and I was at my happiest when I had on a nice outfit and my boy was sleeping peacefully in his stroller. Picture it: strolling through the botanical gardens, Lonzi and Bean MaxiMum dress flowing elegantly around me, my hair not full of vomit for once. This never happened because Lonzi and Bean weren’t around twelve years ago and back then my hair was never free of vomit. It was a fun fantasy though wasn’t it? 

Have you ever met someone who’s advice was so devastatingly annoying that you considered moving to a remote island? What was your favourite piece of advice I wonder? Was it to sleep when the baby is sleeping? Was it to give the baby a taste of kale purée at four months to ensure that the child appreciates life’s complexities? No, I bet it was your aunt Margaret who advised the ancient art of the muslin swaddle under the light of the full moon bare breasted so that the baby feels blessed and connected. 

Then there's the internet, a breeding ground for baby advice ranging from wrapping your newborn in twelve layers to protect from cosmic radiation to playing Mozart backwards for enhanced brain development. Oh, and if your baby doesn't sleep through the night by three weeks, you must be doing something wrong, like not reading them Dostoevsky before bedtime.

In the end, amidst the cacophony of contradictory counsel, we parents learn to nod politely, smile through gritted teeth, and trust our instincts (and maybe a bit of common sense) over the deluge of cosmic kale muslin moon magic.

Remember, laughter is sometimes the best way to cope with the well-meaning but exasperating flood of advice!

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