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Delicate Post Birth and Maternity Panties - Aloha Palms

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Delicate post birth and maternity panties, available in singles to mix and match as you wish.

These Post Birth and Maternity Panties are specifically designed to wear throughout your pregnancy and for comfort and healing after a c-section birth. Ideal to wear up to six weeks post op to promote optimal wound recovery.

- High waist fit created with gentle stretchy lace fabric to allow scars and bruises to heal with ease whilst not digging in

- Tailored to suit both pregnant bump or post baby tummy.

- 100% Cotton gusset for ultimate hygiene and breathability

When choosing a size for maternity panties, think of a pair of panties that you are wearing comfortably currently. Comfort is key, the secret is that it should not pull or push anywhere. Our pattern is designed to accommodate a growing belly or baby belly, so the emphasis is more on thighs and bottom as weight tends to gain easier there. If you still have a considerable time of pregnancy left, expecting twins, or you naturally gain weight easily, rather take one bigger size. If you are still uncertain what size maternity panties to buy, feel free to contact us: or 071 688 4065

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