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Red maternity breastfeeding maxidress - lonzi and bean

Breastfeeding Dresses for Weddings

As breastfeeding moms, we want to be able to attend weddings and functions and feel pretty, but don’t want to spend half the evening in the bathroom with our formal dress over our head so our baby can feed.

We started Lonzi&Bean back in 2015 to solve the wardrobe challenges we had while pregnant and breastfeeding. Our number one challenge being that we weren’t able to find maternity and breastfeeding friendly dresses for weddings and events that were beautiful, comfortable and flattering..

Where to buy breastfeeding dresses for a wedding

Breastfeeding dress for wedding - Lonzi&Bean maternity

Lonzi&Bean have dressed many pregnant and breastfeeding bridesmaids, wedding guests and function guests over the years. Probably our most successful style to date has been our MaxiMum Maternity Breastfeeding Dress. The style has not changed since we started the brand in 2015 but the colours and prints have. These long maternity maxi dresses are made from almost 3m of beautiful stretchy fabric, making them super flowy, comfortable and elegant. The discreet breastfeeding panel means that no one will know you’re wearing a breastfeeding dress and you can feed your little one conveniently whilst still looking glam.


What to wear to a wedding while breastfeeding?

We suggest a beautiful dress or top that has easy boob access to feed on the fly. This should have a cross-over, zip or button down top for easy breastfeeding. Stick to stretchy fabrics with lower necklines. Depending on your level of comfort breastfeeding in public, a shawl that can double up as a breastfeeding cover can be a pretty accessory and come in handy to keep baby from distractions while breastfeeding in noisy and busy spaces. 

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