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When to start wearing a belly support band

You should start wearing a belly support band as soon as you experience any pain or discomfort in your back, pelvis or hips during your pregnancy. The hormone Relaxin starts circulating as soon as you fall pregnant which acts on your joints. 

Sleeping with a belly support band

A belly support band can be worn when you sleep and is especially advised towards the end of your pregnancy. A belly support band will support your back, pelvic and hips while you sleep. Sleeping with a pillow in-between your knees is also recommended (on your side) and a pillow supporting your belly.

Exercising with a belly support band

Exercising with a belly support band while pregnant is also advised. Gravity tends to pull your heavy belly down and this can be made worse, especially during standing exercise. The extra support from a belly band will make exercising easier and you are less likely to get injured.

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